Sunday, May 21, 2017

Well hey, y'all!! It's been about a year and half since I posted on this blog. I came on to find an old shoot I did that I couldn't find on my hard rive, and I realized I have been getting quite a bit of traffic, specifically on senior links. I'm kicking myself for not keeping this blog current, especially because I have evolved GREATLY since my last post 18 months ago. I've been scrolling through the blog tonight, and while I love my shoots, even from the very beginning, I kind of cringe to see where I was, in comparison to where I am today. I grow with every.single.photoshoot.

Quick update: I have relocated to my hometown of El Paso, and I still shoot ALL OVER! I just returned from a wedding in Cancun, and continue to travel around!

I have recommitted to staying current on Facebook, and I have even finally jumped on the bandwagon of Instagram just recently. 
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I haven't been the best at staying current, but I have recommitted! 
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I may join the blogosphere again, but it will be a new blog.


...the following photo was from a recent wedding in Cancun!...